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Information Resources and Technology


Account Services

Service Overview

Account Services, also known as Identity Management, manages the authentication, authorization, and administration of university SacLink accounts. A SacLink account is your electronic identity on campus and allows you to log in to university computers, wireless networks, your My Sac State web portal, and SaCT, among many other services.

Features & Benefits

Account Services is a critical aspect of our university's business processes and technology infrastructure, and provides the following benefits for our campus community and associated services.

  • Always up-to-date information associated with SacLink accounts.
  • Seamless role transitions, such as when a student becomes a university employee.
  • Secure access by allowing IT staff to audit and keep track of accounts.
  • Controlled on-boarding and off-boarding for university employees and students.

Note: For some services and applications, it may take up to 24 hours for your account information to carry over.

Getting Started

I am a current student, faculty, or staff member and already have an account.
I am a university guest, person-of-interest, vendor, or have some other special purpose.
I am a new employee or student applicant and need to create an account.

Resetting Your Password

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by going to our Password Manager site.

  1. Enter your SacLink username and click Log In.
  2. Click I have forgotten my password.
  3. Answer your chosen security questions.
  4. Then choose whether you want to chagen your password or security questions.

Password Change Policy

SacLink account passwords must be changed annually. You'll receive a reminder in the days before your password expires.

Services and Systems Supported

Systems that are maintained by the Account Services that are widely used by the university include:

  • Active Directory - Used to create and maintain individual electronic identities.
  • Single Sign-On (CAS) - Authentication Service that allows you to log in once to access multiple services.
  • Enterprise Directory Service (LDAP) - Repository of account attributes accessed by other technology services.
  • Password Manager - Manages all account password access, reset processes, creation, and automation.
  • SacLink Guest Account Request Process - Process for requesting guest, POI, and special access accounts.


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