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SacLink Wireless

SacLink Wireless

What is SacLink Wireless?

SacLink Wireless provides the campus community with secure and high speed WiFi access in academic buildings, residence halls, and many outdoor areas.

Who can use it?

There are multiple wireless networks on campus. Determine which one is best for you from the options below.

What's included?


eduroam (education roaming) is a worldwide secure wireless network intended for faculty, staff, and students from participating universities and institutions. Configure your device once for eduroam and you will automatically connect when on campus, or at any other participating location across the globe!  You need to have an active SacLink account to use eduroam.  Select eduroam from the wireless network, supply your SacLink Account with "" (ie, and your password and you're in!  eduroam is the primary Wi-Fi network for Sac State.

For detailed instructions on getting your device connected to eduroam:


SacLink Secure

SacLink Secure is the university's existing wireless network for faculty, staff, and students. It offers the highest bandwidth (or speed) and security for Windows or Apple computers, and most cell phones and mobile devices. To use this network, you must have an active SacLink account.


SacLink is the university's public wireless network for guest and visitors. Unlike SacLink Secure, SacLink requires you to enter your email address every four hours in order to stay connected. This network is intended for basic web browsing and does not permit access to secure Sacramento State services.


SacVPN is the university's virtual private network (VPN). Though not necessarily a wireless network, SacVPN allows individuals with specific use cases and need to connect to secure university services from off-campus as though they were on-campus. For more information, see Connecting to SacVPN.


SacEvent is the university's wireless network for campus events and special functions. This is a private network with access managed by event coordinators and university network services staff.

Where can I get help?

In coordination with the Service Desk, this service provides support for general issues relating to the campus wireless networks (SacLink Secure, Eduroam, SacLink) and network service outages or performance degradations. If you need to report an issue, please contact the Service Desk at 916-278-7337 or submit an incident ticket.

View our Service Level Agreements (SLA) for information on our support and request fulfillment time.

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