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SacSend Messaging

Service Overview

SacSend Messaging is a communication service used by faculty and staff to send email and My Sac State messages to predefined campus community groups. Unlike other messaging services, such as listservs or distribution lists, SacSend contains prepopulated lists, such as all students within a certain major, that are maintained by our data services team.

Generally, SacSend is available for:

  • College Deans
  • Department Chairs
  • Designees of Deans or Chairs
  • Faculty (for class lists)

For example, through SacSend, faculty members have the option to contact their students by sending a message to all courses they are instructing, only certain courses or sections, certain groups of students, or to individual students. Furthermore, each student receives the communication as if they were the sole recipient.

Another example would be a college dean wishing to send an email to all faculty in their college. SacSend provides deans and department chairs with access to send messages to all faculty in their college or department, a specific group of faculty, or individual faculty.

Descriptions & Features

Predefined Lists

SacSend's predefined lists contain campus community members who belong to certain university groups. Each SacSend user's list will be different, comprising contacts based on affiliations with departments, organizations, and other academic groups. This makes it easy to target communications to specific university groups. List membership is automated and kept up to date by our University Reporting team, so no sign up lists are not needed.


College deans and divisional vice presidents can nominate an individual to use SacSend. However, messages will indicate that they were sent directly from the designee, and not the corresponding dean or vice president.

Message Previews

SacSend provides the option to preview messages before they are sent. This feature will send a copy of the message to your email.

SacLink Email

  • Send to predefined lists that are automatically maintained, removing the need to build a list or have recipients sign up.
  • Communications are delivered via SacLink email to individual recipients.
  • Faculty members are automatically provided with class lists based on course enrollment data.
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliant.
  • Email templates for mass email messaging (i.e. Office of the President, etc.).
  • Allows up to 10 file attachments (5MB limit for individual files / 15MB all files).

My Sac State Messages

  • Secure communications as messages as accessibly exclusively within My Sac State.
  • Recipients are sent an email notification notifying them of their My Sac State message.
  • Guaranteed message availability.

Getting Started

If you are a faculty member

  1. SacSend messages that are sent by email can be viewed by simply accessing your email inbox.
  2. SacSend messages that are sent by My Sac State Messages can be viewed by logging into your My Sac State ( and clicking the My Sac State Messages channel in the top left.


Training for SacSend is provided by the Technology Learning Center. Drop in hours are M-F, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. To schedule an appoint, please call 916-278-6112 or schedule an appointment.


With SacSend Messaging, you can request the following:

Subscribe to alerts for SacSend Messaging
Version 1.4.2 (release notes)