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Information Resources and Technology


Service Desk

Service Description

Can I?
We create and gather information on service requests, which are your requests for IT catalog items, such as Guest and Special Purpose Accounts, New Network Service, or Shared Drive Access. We facilitate fulfillment times by determining if you need approvalsl, if you are eligible, and forward all information to our IT service providers.
How do I?
We answer questions and provide advice on university IT services or technology. If you don't know the right question to ask, we can help you find what that is. We then add this information to our knowledge base so we can share these answers with our staff and campus community.
It's not working!
We respond to service outages and try to restore them as quickly as possible. If we are not able to immediately resolve the issue, we capture the details, determine a priority, and work with our subject matter experts for workarounds and fixes.
How did we do?
You can improve our services by telling us how we did. Were you able to submit your online assignment because of our help? Could we have delivered better service when you had that email issue? We want to know.

Service Details

All campus community members.
Response Time
We make a best effort to respond to service tickets, emails, or phone inquiries within our business hours.
Also Known As
Help Desk

Service Contact

Business Hours
8 tp 5 PM (Weekdays)
10 tp 2 PM (Weekdays)
Available during business hours
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Version 1.4.2 (release notes)