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Smart Planner

Plan. Schedule. Enroll. Assess. Graduate!


Student Services

Smart Planner helps students, academic departments, and academic advisors map their degree progress at Sacramento State. It is a apart of a student's KEYS to Degree Toolbox and allows academic departments to provide students with semester-by-semester roadmaps that they can follow and modify to meet specific graduation requirements. Using Smart Planner, students can plan out and build an ideal schedule.

Smart Planner Benefits

  • Plan multiple semesters in advance - lets students know what courses are offered by semester, helps map out pre-requisites and other requirements, and allows students to personalize their degree plan.
  • Real-time online analysis of progress toward degree.
  • Helps the university product
  • Multiple displays
  • Various types of collaborative furniture

Using Smart Planner

Smart Planner Timeline

Program rollout will occur in phases. Please refer to the Smart Planner information page for students to see when a major/minor will receive Smart Planner.

Faculty Services

Smart Planner facilitates student progress in their plans. It provides students with a roadmap and academic plan to graduation which will help them identify which courses they need to schedule each semester. Smart Planner also provides course demand data based on student plans, which will allow the university to better plan and schedule courses. For ways to talk about Smart Planner with students, please see our helpful Smart Planner talking points.

Smart Planner Benefits

  • Provide proactive, effective, and comprehensive advising.
  • Conduct real-time analysis of student progress towards their degree.
  • Utilize data to analyze student course demand.
  • Improve departmental graduation rates.

Smart Planner Timeline

Program rollout will occur in phases. For training purposes, Faculty and Professional Advisors will have access prior to their program going live. For estimated Smart Planner release dates for specific majors/minors, please see the Smart Planner information page for faculty.

Accessing and Using Smart Planner

Access will be available through the advising links for each student in My Sac State. Every department will be given an opportunity to have their advisors trained on accessing and using Smart Planner prior to the release of Smart Planner to their students. Ongoing in-person training will be made available through the Technology Learning Center, AIRC 3012.

Core Project Sponsors

Office of the President
Lisa Cardoza, Chief of Staff
Sacramento Hall 206
(916) 278-7737

Academic Affairs
Sheree Meyer, Dean of College of Arts & Letters
Mariposa Hall 5000
(916) 278-6501

Student Affairs
Don Hunt, AVP for Enrollment and Student Services
Lassen Hall 3008
(916) 278-6060

Information Resources and Technology
Christine Miller, Associate Chief Information Officer
AIRC 3010
(916) 278-6862

Advising Services


Technology support
Technology Learning Center for Faculty & Staff (TLC), AIRC 2012

Navigation support
Registrar's Office, (916) 278-8088

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