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Using PrintSmart AirPrint

Instructions on how to set up PrintSmart AirPrint, which allows you to print documents directly from your iOS device.
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What is AirPrint?

PrintSmart AirPrint is a technology that allows iPhones and iPads to print on campus without the need for a laptop or laptop-like device. Prints are rendered through our PrintSmart courtesy queue. To use AirPrint, you must have the following:

  • Have an active or current student SacLink account
  • Installed the PaperCut iOS app
  • Be connected to eduroam

Installing the PaperCut iOS App

  1. While connected to eduroam, go to in your mobile web browser.
  2. Use Safari when clicking the link to install.
  3. The Install profile will ask for you device PIN number.
  4. Click the Install button when you're warned about the profile not being signed.
  5. The PaperCut App (pictured above) will appear on your home screen.
  6. For the first time you open the print app, you will be asked for your SacLink username and password. Check the Remember me prompt to save your information.
  7. The PaperCut App will show your Hornet Bucks balance and any jobs pending release in the queue.
  8. You can swipe your OneCard, or enter your SacLink username and password, at any campus PrintSmart station to release your print job.

Printing from your iPhone or iPad

  1. You must be on the campus wireless network (eduroam) to access the PrintSmart AirPrint printer.
  2. Go to the app you want to print from and choose the print option that is usually in the Share or Tool menu.
  3. Press the Select Printer option from the Print dialog. Choose the PrintSmart Courtesy queue.
  4. Change any print options (Duplex, Number of Copies), then select Print.
  5. Open the PaperCut app on your iPhone or iPad to verify that your print job is ready.
  6. You can now release the job at any PrintSmart location.

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