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ServiceNow Website Release Notes

This document lists the changes to the ServiceNOW Self Service website.
  1. Release 1.4.2 / 5-23-17
  2. Release 1.4.1 / 4-6-17
  3. Release 1.4.0 / 3-17-17
  4. Patch 1.3.4 / 2-7-17
  5. Patch 1.3.3 / 1-31-17
  6. Patch 1.3.2 / 1-25-17
  7. Patch 1.3.1 / 1-5-17
  8. Patch 1.3.0 / 12-20-16
    1. Known Issues
  9. Patch 1.2.5 / 10-28-16
  10. Patch 1.2.4 / 10-21-16
  11. Patch 1.2.3 / 10-17-16
  12. Patch 1.2.2 / 10-8-16
  13. Patch 1.2.1 / 10-4-16
  14. Release 1.2 / 9-23-16
    1. Changes
    2. BugFixes

Release 1.4.2 / 5-23-17

  • Moved Reservation Application to live for beta testing
  • Changed the Service Directory to display focused content of business services.
  • Flattened the Service Catalog to make things easier for customers to find.
  • Removed the page view counts by GoogleBot crawlers from the Knowledge Base.
  • Moved the KB Collections to the left column of the KB View page.
  • Changed the default KB search results to order by Published Date.

Release 1.4.1 / 4-6-17

Updates for Training Module and some security fixes

  • There was a security hole for possible cross site scripting with the breadcrumbs, it has been fixed.
  • Visual changes for Training Module implemented. Most of these changes deal with the navigation with the lessons and pages.

Release 1.4.0 / 3-17-17

Training Module Rollout

  • Moved the Training Module to Live instance (production)
  • Module provides organized training lessons for use by public to learn how to use services. Information is organized by Areas, Lessons, Pages, and Content.
  • Feedback system has been expanded to include training module
  • Added feature to allow easier linking to attached images in Training and in KB
  • Images are now default responsive in Training module
  • The ServiceNow Navbar is now responsive and will collapse the buttons when necessary

Patch 1.3.4 / 2-7-17

IRT Website Rollout

  • Update Header and Footer links to match IRT Website changes.
  • ServiceNow home page - removed the A-Z list of services and replaced with a simpler list of Business Service Categories.
  • Moved the ServiceDesk information and hours to the left column.
  • Brought back the Knowledge Base search box with category filters. Also added search queries to the breadcrumb navigation.
  • Fixed a style sheet that was easting the KB unordered list bullets.
  • Added the ability to embed video links into KB articles.
  • Fixed the sites header tag to properly scale the screen on mobile devices.
  • BUG: Disabled UI Live Chat module since it was colliding with the video frames.
  • Fixed the KB search to properly search for roles of the logged in user, this should reduce the number of search hits that refer to unreadable documents.

Patch 1.3.3 / 1-31-17

  • Service Status List was not showing all tracked services properly. It needs to recursively search from parent down.
  • Fix typos on GetHelp sidebar section.
  • Brought over more style and content changes from Web Group in preparation for IRT website update.

Patch 1.3.2 / 1-25-17

  • Service Status list now shows the correct services for historical detail.
  • Implemented custom Font for extending logo icons for services. Added BlackBoard and MySacState logos.
  • Dropdown menu for logged in users now filters options for certain roles.
  • Fixed a bug in the style sheets that was blocking ordered and unordered list formatting in knowledge base articles.
  • Cleaned up related knowledge articles and service request form links in service directory entries
  • ServiceNow website now has breadcrumbs at the top of the page for navigating the structure of knowledge base, service directory, etc.
  • Footer links had the color wrong, it is now corrected.
  • The CSUS and IRT links have been updated in the header and footer area.
  • Fixed the twitter feed code so Sac State IRT feed shows up.

Patch 1.3.1 / 1-5-17

Changes from Web Group

  • The Chat Queue link was not working properly when user was not logged in. Now it properly requests CAS login and displays in pop-out window.
  • The SacState logo at the top left was not displaying properly.
  • Link colors were not the proper color.
  • To avoid confusion the ServiceNow login/User menu has been moved off the navigation bar to a tab below the bat. Now the navigation bar is consistent with IRT website.

Patch 1.3.0 / 12-20-16

IRT Website Redesign

  • Major Visual Update to match the upcoming IRT Website redesign

Known Issues

    • News Carousel - Style design is broken, currently hidden until its fixed
    • KB Indenting broken

Patch 1.2.5 / 10-28-16

  • More feedback!
    • Service Offering pages now have a feedback button to solicit suggestions about the service.
    • The ServiceNow website home page has a feedback button to gather general suggestions about IRT.
    • The submissions are put into the IDEA table for review.
  • Knowledge Base Updates
    • Knowledge Base Articles can now add an image to show up instead of the document icon for KB Search results.
    • Added photo image will also show top center of article view..
  • IRT 411 Updates
    • Searching for 411 and outage will now present a meta entry for Outages which links to a submit button, instructions, and service status page.
    • The email notifications for outages now change the subject line to inform users if it is an alert or a resolution message.
  • Enable the Help Chat for all users.
  • Service Catalog will only display entries that are classified as Service Offerings.

Patch 1.2.4 / 10-21-16

Visual Tweaks

  • Changed the size of the search boxes to match the size of the other buttons. Increased the text sizes and put an prompt text to inform the user what areas they are searching (knowledge or services)
  • Made the search boxes the initial focus for the pages.
  • Cosmetic changes to the bootstrap objects.
  • Changed the format of the Knowledge Base and Service Catalog to have a full width articles. This makes the articles appear like they "own" the page instead of being a smaller part of an application.
  • Made the role picker for new users alongside the search bar to make it more obvious.
  • Moved the role menu to the left side of the search bar.

Patch 1.2.3 / 10-17-16

  • Test: Help Desk Chat feature available for ITIL users to test. It is planned to make it available for all users in near future.
  • Fix: New users will be prompted to identify as a Faculty, Staff, or Student to help with searching.

Patch 1.2.2 / 10-8-16

  • Fix: Properly report directly linked Knowledge Articles of their non-published status.
  • Fix: Adjusted the News Carousel link to be right-justified.
  • Bug: Ticket Wizard - The Saclink Account verification notice was appearing at the top of the window. Reformatted the form to align the feedback.
  • Bug: Knowledge Base - Simply viewing the document was triggering the update field causing the article to never get old. Article views no longer update the updated date field.

Patch 1.2.1 / 10-4-16

  • Modified News Carousel controller positions to improve visibility.
  • Switched to KBv3 Security controls for catalog view to improve security.
  • Modified KB View page to properly title and describe article for Google Search.
  • Fixed a bug where users logging into portal did not get their default filters

Release 1.2 / 9-23-16

Dubbed the "LaserCats" release. The updates include features to filter the catalog items based upon roles (Student, Faculty, Staff) to give more focused results.


  • Capture search terms when item is clicked through. (Done)
  • Change the main title name back to ServiceNow. It was Service Center which is already used for several systems on campus. (Done)
  • The filter option is now located on the right side of the Service Search field to better inform the user that results are limited to that role. (Done)
  • Service Offering lookups now check for partial words instead of whole words. The name and the AKA fields are searched for results. (Done)
  • Changed the shopping cart icons to forward arrows in circles. (Done)


  • News articles were not properly aligning after 3 articles. - Added code to clear the visual space every third article. (Done)
  • Selected filter roles were not saved between navigation. - A 7 day cookie now holds the information on the last filter used (Done)

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Version 1.4.2 (release notes)