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SacLink Password Manager FAQ

This article contains frequently asked questions regarding the usage of the SacLink Password Manager.

What is the SacLink Password Manager?

The SacLink Password Manager gives you the ability to change your SacLink password and security questions in case you've forgotten them.

Who can use SacLink Password Manager?

To use the Password Manager, you must have an active SacLink account. If your account is disabled because you're a former student, you may not able to change your password. Please submit a help ticket if you have questions about accessing things like tax forms or other personal information.

What do I do if I've forgotten my security question answers?

If you're not able to answer your security questions, we can help you reset your password through live help. You can submit a help ticket, or call and chat with us.

  • Your security question answers are case sensitive and must match any spaces or special characters that you had previously entered.

What do I do if I get an "invalid session key" message?

The "invalid session key" message comes up when you've clicked on a button in Password Manager multiple times. After clicking an option in the Password Manager, you will need wait for the next page to load before clicking again. The Password Manager may run slowly at times, which might make you think that you need to try clicking again. However, this will often result in an error.

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