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Xythos (FAQ)

This article contains frequently asked questions regarding Xythos, which is Sac State's online file sharing software.

What is Xythos?

Xythos is an online document management, storage and sharing service that is available to anyone with a SacLink account. It can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and allows 2GB of storage space.

What Does Xythos Offer?

  • An alternative to sharing files without the use of e-mail attachments
  • Ease of access from anywhere
  • Drag and drop to drive letter or mounted volume via WebDAV
  • Self provisioning accounts via SacLink account user login
  • A browser-based, OS-independent web interface
  • Flexible, user defined shares to on and off campus
  • Secure file transfers

How can I access Xythos?

Go to and log in with your Saclink credentials.

How much storage space is available on my Xythos drive?

Each Xythos drive has 2GB of storage.

What Is The Xythos Dropbox?

A Xythos dropbox is a special shared folder to which a user can add content but without the ability to modify or remove content after it has been added. There are two types of dropbox users, submitter and administrator.

A submitter can add content to the dropbox but cannot modify or remove content afterwards. While multiple users may be added to a dropbox, each submitter can only view the content they have submitted.

An administrator is either the user who has created the dropbox or another user who has been added to an existing dropbox as an administrator. An administrator can view, modify and delete content within a dropbox. Administrators can also open or close access to a dropbox.

If I've submitted a document to someone's Xythos dropbox, can I still edit/update the document?

No, the dropbox feature in Xythos is meant to be a one-way tool intended for receiving documents. Once you've submitted a document to someone's dropbox, you can no longer access that document. The person who owns the dropbox controls access to any submitted files at that point. However, the dropbox owner may allow you to submit an updated copy of your document.

Do I have to access Xythos through its web interface or can I map my Xythos drive so that it displays just like any other drive on my machine (e.g., local hard drive, department shared drive, etc.)?

Yes, download the installer for your operating system.

Xythos Drive for Windows or Mac | download and install

To see the volume on your desktop you should make sure 'Connected Servers' is checked under the General section of the Preferences section under the Finder menu.

Configure Xythos Drive

Click the + icon under the Volumes tab and populating the entry as follows:

Volume Name: SacState-XythosFull
URL: ("/student/yourUserID" for students or "/users/yourUserID" for some auxiliary accounts
Username: Your SacLink username
Password: Your SacLink password

The Volume Name MUST NOT contain any space(s) on Mac OS as it will not work if it does. Under the Advanced Options you can choose to have the window opened upon connection, connected at OS startup and for Windows a drive letter assignment (advisable, X: has a nice ring to it). Click Connect and make use of your volume just like you would any other. Open files by double clicking them, drag and drop files to the location and save directly to it from within applications.

Connecting/accessing Xythos seems to be slow. Is there a problem?

Logging into Xythos: Upon your initial log in, there will be a delay as Xythos creates your personal setup. Subsequent login attempts should be faster but we have noticed a delay there as well and are currently investigating the issue.

Connecting to Xythos Drive: The WebDAV technology used to connect to Xythos after you've mapped your drive to your local machine can be slow so it may take a minute or two to establish your initial connection to the drive.

Why won't Xythos Drive for Mac OS 10.6 launch?

Xythos Drive for Mac is currently incompatible with 64-bit kernel and will not launch on Mac OS 10.6 on certain hardware unless it is running in 32-bit Kernel and Extension mode.

First, check which mode you are in. From the Apple menu, choose About this Mac, then click More Info. Click on the Software header on the left. If the 64-bit Kernel and Extensions item states "Yes" then you need to switch to 32-bit with a special reboot. You can either do this for just one boot or persistently.

If you plan on using Xythos Drive more than once you should follow the instructions for "Method 2: On-disk setting (persistent)" found here. This can be done before or after you install Xythos Drive. You can also use the same directions to switch back to 64-bit mode.

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