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SacSend FAQ

This article contains frequently asked questions regarding SacSend, which is a web based email application that allows users to send emails to large groups of people easily.

What is SacSend?

SacSend is a web application that helps you send email and My Sac State messages to predefined constituent groups via an easy-to-use interface. For example, every course instructor will have a predefined SacSend distribution list of the enrolled students in each of their assigned class sections. The lists are refreshed daily so they are always current. For more information about SacSend, you can view the SacSend user guide and the SacSend quick guide.

Who can use SacSend messaging?

SacSend is available to faculty, department chairs, deans, and Vice Presidents.

How can I use SacSend Messaging?

Eligible users can access the system by clicking here and logging in with their SacLink username and password. Go to the SacSend user guide for detailed instructions on the use of SacSend, or the SacSend quick guide for a condensed version of these instructions which covers the basic steps.

What is unique about SacSend?

SacSend allows users to send electronic communications to both email and Sac State Messaging from a single, easy-to-use tool. SacSend is pre-populated with distribution lists so there is no need to build your own lists or have recipients sign up.

What are the predefined distribution lists?

The predefined distribution lists contain individuals who fall into specific constituent groups. Each user's list will be different and composed of contacts based on the user's affiliations, such as departments, organizations or other academic groups. This allows users of SacSend to communicate with colleagues or other associated individuals, such as students. These distribution lists are updated every evening to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

What are some examples of practical uses of SacSend?

An example of a practical use might include a faculty member who wishes to contact his/her students. This faculty member, using the SacSend application, will be able to contact his/her students in different ways. In this example the professor has three courses this term. The professor will have the ability to select and send a message to all students in every course, only students from one section/class, a group of students, or individual students. No matter which population the professor chooses, each student receives the communication as though it were sent solely to them (i.e., they will not see any other recipients.)

Another example of SacSend uses would be a College Dean who would like to send an email to all faculty in his/her college. College Deans and Department Chairs have access to send messages to all faculty within their college or department, select a specific group of faculty, or individual faculty members. No matter which population is chosen each faculty member receives the email message as though it was sent solely to them (i.e., they will not see any other recipients).

Note: All recipients will display to anyone listed as a Cc or Bcc recipient when their copy of the communication is received.

What are some restrictions of SacSend?

SacSend has several restrictions. Communications can only be sent in HTML format. In addition, SacSend works exclusively as a tool to send communications; users cannot view or receive communications within SacSend. Emails sent via SacSend must be retrieved via the recipient's regular email account and My Sac State Messages sent via Sac Send must be retrieved within My Sac State.

Can I attach documents, photos or other media to messages using SacSend?

Yes, you can attach documents, PDF files, photos or other media to your email and My Sac State Messages sent via SacSend. The system allows up to 10 file attachments with a combined file size of up to 15MB. Individual file attachments can be up to 5MB in size.

I am a faculty member using SacSend, will I be able to contact my students before and after each academic semester?

Faculty members will be able to contact students using SacSend three weeks before and after each academic semester. This will allow faculty members to stay in contact with their students outside of the regular academic calendar.

I am department Dean or VP, can I nominate someone as a designee to use this tool?

Yes, a Dean or Vice President of a division can nominate someone as a designee to use the SacSend tool. However, communications sent using SacSend will not indicate the message has been sent on behalf of the corresponding Dean or VP. The communication will appear as if it came from directly from the designee.

Does SacSend support a spell-checker?

The SacSend tool does include a spell-check feature. However, the built-in SacSend spell-checker only works when using Internet Explorer. While other web browsers may still function, we recommend Internet Explorer when using SacSend.

Can I preview my communication before I send it to the list?

Yes, you have the option of previewing your communication before sending it. Click the "Test Message" button displayed below the box where you inserted the text of your communication. This feature will send a copy of the communication to your email. You may view the test message in your Inbox using Outlook, OWA, or Entourage. NOTE: SacSend does not save drafts, do not close the application if you send a test message or your message will be lost.

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