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My Sac State Messages FAQ

Common questions about your My Sac State Messages, a university messaging service within your My Sac State portal.

Sac State Messages have changed. Where are the new Sac State Messages displayed?

In order to facilitate communications, your Sac State Messages have been relocated. You will now have immediate, convenient access to your messages upon entering My Sac State via the Home tab. A preview of your messages will be displayed in the uppermost box along the left. Simply click on a message to expand the preview and begin reading your full messages.

I am a student, how do I access my My Sac State messages?

Access your messages by clicking My Sac State. Your Home tab should display by default. Your messages will appear in the top most left box of the Home tab. You may click on a message to read it.

How do I delete my read messages?

The following are the two options to delete your read messages: From the "My Messages" screen, select the checkboxe(s) to the left of the message or messages you would like to delete and then click "Remove". From an individual message, click "Remove" link displayed at the top right corner of the screen.

Can I delete unread messages?

No, you must read your My Sac State messages before you may delete them from you Inbox.

I am a student; can I reply to the sender of a My Sac State message? How do I respond to a message? How do I contact the sender of my message?

Sac State Messaging is a one-way communication tool which allows notifications to be sent to students. As a student you are unable to respond directly through your My Sac State messages. You must identify the sender of the message and contact them via other means such as your SacLink email.

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Can I recover a deleted My Sac State message?

No, once you have deleted a My Sac State message you may not retrieve it again. If you recall the sender of a deleted message, you can contact that sender directly about obtaining the information from the original message.

Note: Please make sure before you delete any read messages that you have all the important information from the message.

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I am on the Home Tab and the My Sac State messages are not displaying, what do I do?

If you are seeing a bar/header with the "MySacState Messages" label but no message preview beneath it, look for a downward-facing arrow displayed to the left of the text. Click that arrow to expand/unroll the display of your messages. If you are seeing the full MySacState Messages box but an error is being displayed with reboot and/or refresh options, please try logging out of My Sac State and logging back in to clear the error.

I received a notification email about a My Sac State message and I am unable to log in?

If you believe that you have the correct account information, please test you account, click SacLink Login below.

If you are able to log in to SacLink but not My Sac State, please try clearing the cache (i.e., temporary files and cookies) on your web browser as well as your password if it's stored. You can also try using a different browser, rebooting your machine or using another machine.

If you are unable to access the SacLink page as well as My Sac State, this indicates a problem with your username (account name) and/or password.

Your Saclink Username (account name) can be retrieved via the SacLink Registration process. Simply walk through the registration process as though you are going to set up an account and the system will display your existing account name. You can access the SacLink registration process at: (Note:You will be asked for the last four digits of your Sac State ID in the registration process. If you do not have this number on hand, you should be able to substitute the last four digits of your Social Security Number.)

Your SacLink password cannot be retreived but knowing the password criteria may help you to recall your password. SacLink passwords must be at least eight characters in length and they must be some combination of letters and numbers (or special characters like). You may also have used both lowercase and capital letters in your password for added complexity. If you are still unable to remember your password, it will need to be reset by the Service Desk. For instructions on requesting a password reset please click Password Manager below.

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I got a notification email and I logged into My Sac State and don't see the message?

First, please verify that you are accessing the messages in the MySacState Messages area and not your SacLink email because these are two separate communication systems. If you are viewing the inbox for your messages but do not see anything new, it's possible that your message has expired. When a message is composed, the sender is required to provide and expiration date. Once the expiration date for a message has arrived, the expired message will automatically be removed from your list. If you would like assistance in confirming the expiration of a message, please contact the Service Desk.

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What is the difference between My Sac State Messages, email, Systems announcements, and Special Announcements?

My Sac State Messages are produced using a one-way communication tool designed for faculty and administrative department to message students. Your SacLink email uses Microsoft Exchange and functions as a two-way communication tool much like other email systems you may have used. Your SacLink email allows you to contact users on any email system (i.e., you are not restricted to contacting campus users with your SacLink email). Both your messages and your email are accessible via the Home tab in My Sac State.

The System Announcements and Special Announcements sections of My Sac State appear on the login page as well as your Home tab. The System Announcements area will display information regarding updates/enhancements, maintenance schedules and downtime for My Sac State and related systems. The Special Announcements area provides general announcements for faculty, staff and students.

Can I have my messages forwarded to my email?

No, you can only view your messages through My Sac State. Note: If you do not view a new message on the day it is sent, you will receive a notification email with instructions for accessing your message.

Can I clear all of my messages at once?

Yes, from you My Messages inbox, click the "Select All" button and then the Remove button. Note: This will only allow you to delete messages that have been read.

I'm finished viewing my messages. How do I get back to the Home tab in My Sac State?

When you access a link within the MySacState Messages preview window on My Sac State, the messaging display expands and takes over the page. If you are currently viewing a message or your My Messages inbox, click the "Return to Portal" link at the top left to return to your Home tab with the preview display of your messages.

I tried to access my message and now I'm receiving some kind of error message saying "connection expired", "failed to render", etc. What should I do?

he error message you're receiving may display some Reboot/Refresh links. If clicking those links does not resolve the problem, please trying logging out of My Sac State and logging back in.

I had a My Sac State message and it disappeared from my list. What happened?

A message can be removed from your inbox in one of three ways:

  • You delete the message
  • The sender of a message recalls it using the "unsend" feature
  • The expiration date supplied by the sender is reached and the message is automatically removed.

If you would like to confirm whether a particular message was recalled or expired, you can contact the sender. Contact information is available via the campus operator at (916)278-6011 or the online Campus Directory.

I received a notification to an old email address, how do I update where that email goes?

The notification you are receiving should be directed to your SacLink email but there may be a forward set up on your email. Please contact the Service Desk for assistance with correcting/deleting that forward.

I received a messaging notification email but haven't set up an account yet. How can that be?

You can receive a message in our system as soon as a record exists for you. Once your application data reaches Sacramento State, it's loaded into our system and departments can begin communicating with your via the Sac State Messaging tool. However, you will need to register your SacLink account in order to access your messages and the rest of your academic record. For information on creating a SacLink account, please click SacLink Registration.

After viewing a message, the MySacState Messages box doesn't show the normal preview anymore; I'm seeing an expanded version of the messages box and cannot return it to its original size. What should I do?

If you log out of My Sac State and log back in, your MySacState Messages box should return to normal.

Note: We are currently working to resolve the issue that triggers this problem so that it no longer occurs in the future.

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