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This article contains frequently asked questions regarding the services that are offered at the IRT Service Desk.

What is the Service Desk?

The Service Desk is a user's first point of contact with Information Resources & Technology. The Service Desk staff can help solve many user problems or answer user questions by phone, email, or walk-in. The Service Desk staff works closely with the entire IRT organization to solve user problems, launch new services, and to develop training, documentation, and other self-help tools. If you have a question regarding "anything IRT", start with the Service Desk.

Where is the Service Desk located?

The IRT Service Desk is located in AIRC building, room 2005.

When is the Service Desk open?

Check out the Service Desk Contact page for an updated list of the IRT Service Desk's hours.

Do I need an appointment to speak to someone?

No, please feel free to drop by the IRT Service Desk, send us an email, or call whenever you need assistance. Any of our assistants would be happy to help you.

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