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Software Installation FAQ

This article contains frequently asked questions regarding the acquisition and patching of software at the university.

How do I know which software titles I am allowed to install on my computer?

There is now an "eligibility" field which provides a high level overview of the license terms for the associated product in the portfolio.  This field describes who may access software for immediate download, who may request it for purchase, and, if the information is available, if a user can expect to incur costs during the procurement process. It also specifies whether work at home rights are included. This should answer most of your questions. If you would like more extensive information about the agreement in place for a specific product, please contact the University Software Coordinator.

What's the difference between the "request" versus "install" software links?

If the software product you are interested in has an "install" link, that product is either freeware or has an unlimited site license and, once you login with your SacLink ID and password, will therefore install immediately on the machine you are using at the time. This will be a packaged installation, which will automatically include the license key you need, if applicable, so you do not have to receive or enter a key during your installation process. Products with limited licenses will require license validation prior to installation and will therefore have a "Request" link, which will port you to Service-Now to enter a help ticket. Providing as much information as possible (product, version, platform, your SacLink ID, your computer name, intended use and any other special instructions) will help us provide the promptest service possible to get you the software you are requesting. Note that in some cases, purchase via Purchase Order may be required to ensure that you have a valid license.

How do I know how much software costs?

The Software Portfolio has been expanded to include approximate product costs. Since pricing may vary depending on your status as faculty, staff, or student, please make sure you have selected the appropriate group's pricing to view, by using the navigation at the top right of the Software Portfolio main page. Pricing is dependent on the nature of our agreements with the various vendors, but most of the products should enjoy some measure of improved pricing over retail.

I have my software installed, but need help using it. Where can I get help with product specific assistance?

There are various support options available on and off campus. The Training Center provides a wide variety of training for the entire campus community. For students, the Student Technology Center on the third floor of the AIRC building (Room 3007) is a great resource for free, peer-to-peer hands-on training with a variety of products, from Microsoft Office to SPSS. For additional information on the workshops available, please visit the STC at

Some of the best-known resources on campus for Faculty and/or Staff are the services provided by Academic Technology Creative Services (ATCS) and the Faculty/Staff Resource Center. Please visit for more information on the services provided by ATCS. For the FSRC, visit

What is the KBOX?

KBOX is a hardware and software inventory management tool employed campus-wide at Sac State, primarily to manage patching and distribute software to the community. More information on this appliance can be found at

When and why do I need to have a KBOX agent on my machine?

In accordance with recent security audit findings, the Information Security Office has, at the direction of the President, mandated that every University owned machine have a KBOX agent installed. This agent allows that computer to communicate with the central KBOX appliance to share and receive information about patching levels, updates and other necessary security-related information. The KBOX agent is also the "vehicle" by which software is received during our electronic distribution process. Without a KBOX agent installed on your machine, you will not be able to receive requested software.

When I click "Obtain Software" I am prompted for my SacLink ID and password, which I enter correctly, but then receive an error message. What is the problem?

There could be a number of reasons for receiving an error message, but the most common is improper Active Directory classification. You may not be a member of the "Faculty", "Staff", "Student" or "ITC" groups, on which access is dependent. If you have verified that your SacLink ID and password enable to you to get into other login areas (like SacCT), it could be a problem with the particular product you are trying to access. Please contact the Service Desk to report this problem for resolution. Be sure to include information on the product you are trying to access for faster service.

The list of software for students includes mostly freeware, which I can get anywhere. Why should I use this site?

We are constantly striving to improve both this site and the portfolio of products available to the community for free, or at reduced rates. The freeware products listed on the site are the most frequently accessed or requested products by students, particularly because they are required to access SacCT, Blackboard, Elluminate, or other products taught in the classroom. The list is updated with the most applicable versions of this freeware, for your convenience. The portfolio further includes products to which we have a site license that includes access for students and information on which products are installed in the University Computing Labs. If you do not see a product that you think you should have access to, either in a lab or for installation on your personal machine, please submit a product request through the Service Desk, so that we can evaluate that product and explore the possibility of negotiating a better license.

How can I obtain licensed software at a discounted price?

The products to which we have discounted access are listed on this site. Many are also available through the Hornet Bookstore, and can be procured in person. These include student priced versions of Microsoft Office, SPSS, the Adobe Creative Suites, Apple products and others students use on a regular basis. You are encouraged to visit the Bookstore computer center for more information. Be sure to bring your OneCard as they do need to verify your student status in person before they can offer you these discounted rates. If you discover a product with better pricing elsewhere, please submit a ticket with the appropriate information so that we can investigate alternate options. We constantly strive to improve our portfolio and appreciate any suggestions for improvement you may have!

I downloaded software and burned it to a disc. Can I loan this out to a friend who's also a student here so they don't have to go through the whole process for themselves?

No, absolutely not. Software license compliance best practices expressly forbid the unauthorized copy and distribution of software. The distribution methods in place are there to insure compliance with these requirements and provide invaluable reporting capabilities that cover us in the event of an audit. Distributing software through alternate means provides minimal visibility into our true licensing needs and can serve to hinder our progress during future license negotiations. Please do not share software!

I need help using software for a class I'm taking. Where can I get technical product specific assistance?

The Training Center provides a wide variety of training for the entire campus community. For students, the Student Technology Center on the third floor of the AIRC building (Room 3007) is a great resource for free, peer-to-peer hands-on training with a variety of products, from Microsoft Office to SPSS. For additional information on the workshops available, please visit the STC at

As a faculty member, how do I know which products are permissible to install on my home computer for work at home use?

The Software Portfolio now includes detailed information regarding our specific license agreements for each product. This field includes information on Work-At-Home rights, and maximum installations, where applicable. Most vendors allow up to three installations per licensed individual, but these terms vary widely according to vendor. If your question is not answered in the "Eligibility" field for the applicable product, please request additional information by contacting the Service Desk or the University Software Coordinator at

I need a software product to teach in an upcoming class, but I don't see it on this site. How can I get access to it and make sure my students will be able to get it as well?

While we constantly strive to stay abreast of changing technology and the latest versions of the products already in our portfolio, you are encouraged to coordinate your efforts to procure new software with the University Software Coordinator, to ensure both ease of access to your students and the best pricing possible. In many cases we are able to collaborate with other Universities in the CSU to negotiate better pricing than we could on an individual basis. Please contact the Service Desk to submit a request for new software, noting the product, version and intended use. We welcome the opportunity to expand our portfolio together!

Who is my Information Technology Consultant (ITC) and with what can they help me?

Sacramento State Information Technology Consultants (ITC) provide technical assistance to Students, Faculty, and Staff, with most specializing in their college or department specific area. If you require assistance in downloading, installing, and/or configuring your hardware or software, please contact your designated ITC. To find whom your support person is, please visit the ITC Contacts page. Alternately, you can contact the Service Desk for additional information.

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