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Graduation Channel FAQ

The channel provides personalized steps and instructions for applying for graduation and commencement ceremonies using the Graduation Channel tool.
Information Audience 
Undergraduates who have completed at least 70 units.
  1. Finding the Graduation Channel
  2. Student Benefits
  3. Advisor and Administrator Benefits
  4. Graduation Channel Messages
  5. Common Issues

Finding the Graduation Channel

The Graduation Channel can be accessed in your My Sac State page under the Student Services tab.

Student Benefits

The Graduation Channel will remind you of deadlines and opportunities such as those for Graduation Workshops, filing to graduate, pending financial obligations, and commencement ceremony information. The links inside the Graduation Channel will refer you to resources on what you need to graduate.

Once you've filed your graduation application, you will receive priority registration status when registering for classes during your final term at Sac State.

Advisor and Administrator Benefits

The Graduation Channel assists advisers in planning a strategy for your academic progress and graduation application.

Graduation Channel Messages

Depending on how far along you are in graduating, you may receive the following messages in the Graduation Channel:

Undergraduates who've reached 70 units 
Welcome to the Graduation Channel! This channel will provide alerts about the steps you need to take to stay on track for graduation. Sign up for a graduation workshop. If you have not already done so, don't forget to:
  • Review your Academic Requirements in your Student Center.
  • See Academic Advising for G.E. and University requirements.
  • See your department advisor for major requirements.
  • Undergraduates who've reached 85 units 
    Apply for graduation. Once you apply for graduation, you will receive priority registration.
    Undergraduates who've applied for graduation 
    Your evaluation is in process. Please continue to check your Student Center for status updates.
    Undergraduates whose evaluations have been completed 
    Your evaluation has been processed. Please check your Academic Requirements in your Student Center. If you have questions about your Academic Requirements, if anything has changed, or if you need to change your graduation date, then see a Degree Evaluator in the Registrar's Office.
    Undergraduates with one or more negative financial services indicators (eg. unreturned library book, unpaid parking ticket, etc.) 
    IMPORTANT! Our records indicate that you have unresolved debts or fees. Please check your Student Center for details and resolve. Any unresolved debts may delay your graduation.
    Undergraduates who've applied for graduation and have no negative service indicators, and it is either between September through December or February through May 
  • Be sure to attend the Grad Fest. Honor cords will first be available for purchase at Grad Fest.
  • To participate in your graduation ceremony and for details about the Commencement ceremony, visit the Commencement website.
  • RSVP for Commencement.
  • Purchase your graduation regalia.
  • The name in your Student Center is the name that will appear in the Commencement program and on your diploma. Currently your Student Center. If this is not the way you would like your name to appear in the Commencement program, please contact the Commencement Office before April 15th. or November 15th.
  • For diploma name changes, please complete the Registrar's Office's Change of Name or Social Security Number form.
  • Verify your primary address in your Student Center. We will send your diploma to that address approximately four months after Commencement. If needed, you can get graduation verification before your diploma is mailed by checking your unofficial transcript in your Student Center. If your degree has been awarded you may order an official transcript.
  • Make sure you stay connected with Sac State – join the Alumni Association
  • Undergraduates whose degrees has been awarded 
    Congratulations! We are proud to call you an alum. Make sure you stay connected with alumni and events at Sac State by joining the Alumni Association.
    Undergraduates whose degrees have been denied 
    Unfortunately, you have outstanding degree requirements. Contact the Degree Evaluations office to resolve.

    Common Issues

    Graduation Channel information is incorrect 
    If your information is incorrect, please contact the Registrar's Office at 916-278-1000 (Option 4), 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (M-F).
    Graduation Channel appears within a month or two of graduation 
    If you are close to graduating and have not yet filed for graduation, we advise that you complete the process as soon as possible.
    A task is completed but the message remains the same as it was before 
    Once you've completed a required step in your Graduation Channel, it may take a while for the message to be updated, this is because a Sac State official must take action for your message to be updated.

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