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Set up email in Outlook for Windows

This article provides instructions for setting up your SacLink email account in Microsoft Outlook.

Using your SacLink credentials, you can connect your university email to your Microsoft Outlook.

Set up email in Outlook for Windows

  1. Open Outlook on your desktop. When the Auto Account Wizard opens, select Next.
  2. On the E-mail Accounts page, select Next.
    • If the Wizard didn't open or you want to add an additional email account, select the File tab on the Outlook toolbar.
  3. Select Add Account.
  4. On the Auto Account Setup page, enter your name, email address and password, and then select Next.
  5. Select Finish.
  6. Your account will be automatically set up.

Set up an additional email account

In Outlook, you can easily set up an additional email account, such as a departmental or organizational email.

  1. Click on the File tab, then click Add Account.
  2. In the Add Account settings, enter the Name, Email Address, and Password of the email account.
  3. Click Next and Outlook will complete the account setup.
  4. Click Finish to finish setting up the account.
    • Click Add another account and follow the above steps to add more accounts
  5. You may be asked to close and restart Outlook.
  6. When prompted, enter the SacLink credentials for each respective account.
    • Check Remember my credentials to have Outlook remember your login information.


  • If you experience issues while setting up your account, or need assistance, please submit a Service Ticket or call the Service Desk at 916-278-7337.

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