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Logging into MyCloud

MyCloud is a virtual computer service offered to all faculty, staff, and students. Through MyCloud, you can access common applications installed on campus lab and work machines.
  1. Requirements
  2. Accessing MyCloud
    1. Launching the virtual lab desktop
    2. Using applications in the MyCloud desktop
    3. Disconnecting from MyCloud desktop
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  1. To access MyCloud, you must first install the Citrix Receiver software client. Please refer to the knowledge article, Install the Citrix Receiver for MyCloud Acesss for instructions on doing so.

Accessing MyCloud

  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. Enter your SacLink username and password when prompted.
    • Enter your Saclink username and password when prompted
    • If you have already installed Citrix Receiver, click Skip to Log on.
  3. You will then be asked to install the Citrix Receiver software client.
  4. Enter your SacLink username and password and click the Log On button.
  5. If you haven't already downloaded Citrix Receiver, click I agree for the Citrix license agreement, then Click the Install button. If you already have Citrix Receiver downloaded, click on Skip to Log on.

Launching the virtual lab desktop

  1. Login to MyCloud using the instructions above.
  2. Click the CSUS Faculty Staff Desktop (for faculty) or CSUS Lab Desktop (for students). A Windows desktop screen will appear and begin to load. This will display over your existing desktop.
    • If the desktop does not automatically load, you may be asked to "Run" or "Save" the launch.ica file. Simply download and open the launch.ica file.
    • By default, the desktop displays in full screen mode.
  • If a dialog box appears asking for access to the local computer, click Permit Use. This will allow you to access local hard drive or USB devices from the virtual environment.
  • You can switch back and forth between your own desktop and the MyCloud desktop, or resize the MyCloud window by using the options in the "XenDesktop Toolbar" at the top of the screen.

Using applications in the MyCloud desktop

  • While using the MyCloud desktop, you can find and launch programs like on any other Windows computer or device. Simply click on the Start button and navigate through All Programs, entering the application name in the search bar of the Start menu, or clicking the application link from the desktop.
  • Note that when saving documents from applications, the default save location is your SacFiles drive. If you clicked Permit Use, you can also save items to your local hard drive as you normally would on your own computer.
  • If a dialog box appears asking for local file access, click on Read/Write Access.

Disconnecting from MyCloud desktop

  • Click the downward arrow on the XenDesktop Toolbar to view the options.
  • Select the Disconnect option when you're completely finished using the virtual Desktop and want to exit.
  • Note that even though the message says that the user's programs will continue to run after the session is closed, the timeout period for an inactive session is very short, about 5 minutes. After that time, the session will close, as if the user had clicked Log Off.

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If you require further assistance or have an issue with accessing MyCloud or OnBase, please call the Service Desk at (916) 278-7337 or submit a Service Ticket.

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