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Office 365: Faculty and Staff Email Upgrade

Over the fall 2016 semester, university faculty and staff email will be upgraded to more robust cloud-based email services hosted by Microsoft Office 365. This page provides information about this ugprade process and what to expect.
  1. Getting Ready to Upgrade
  2. Upgrade Complete
  3. Ongoing Support
  4. What will be the same?
  5. What new features will I notice?
  6. How do I know if my email has been upgraded?
  7. Temporary Email Migration Issues You May Experience
  8. How do I update my email add settings after the upgrade?
  9. Additional Questions or Help

Getting Ready to Upgrade

Who:All faculty and staff
What:Email upgrade to Office 365
When:July 2016 – August 2017
Check your upgrade status
My To Do:Office 365 requires a fully updated version of Outlook 2010. University managed devices should already have the most current version. If not, contact your college IT staff or the Service Desk to update to the most recent version.

Upgrade Complete

Accessing EmailAccess your email online at Log in with your SacLink and password.
IssuesOffice 365 Email Upgrade Troubleshooting

Ongoing Support

HelpContact the IRT Service Desk at 916-278-7337 or submit an incident ticket.

What will be the same?

  • Senders will still contact you by email in the same way.
  • You will still use your current SacLink username and password.
  • Any email addresses you received email at previously will still work.

What new features will I notice?

  • Your email storage space will increase to 50GB
  • File attachments are increased to 35MB
  • You can now send messages to up to 500 recipients.
  • You will see detailed free/busy information once all shared calendars have upgraded.
  • A new folder called "Clutter" will be created to help organize unread or unwanted email.

How do I know if my email has been upgraded?

  • Visit our Office 365 Status Page.
  • Login with your SacLink Username and Password.
  • View your current email mailbox location, your migration status, and the date your email mailbox is scheduled to move.

Temporary Email Migration Issues You May Experience

  • You may need to re-enter your username and password or restart Outlook several times.
  • You may need to update your username ( and re-enter your password on your mobile device.
  • You may need to re-setup your calendar shortcuts in Outlook.
  • You may only see free/busy information on shared calendars still in Exchange.
  • You will no longer be able to update distribution lists through Outlook.
  • Until all users have been migrated to Office 365, you will not be able to access Public Folders using Office 365 Outlook Web Application (OWA).

How do I update my email add settings after the upgrade?

Additional Questions or Help

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