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Office 365: Configure the Apple Mail app for OS X 10.11 or above

You can configure your Mac OS Mail app to receive email and calendar events from your Office 365 account.

These instructions are for the Apple Mail app on Mac OS X 10.11 or above. If you are using an older version of Mac OS X, such as 10.9 or 10.10, please see Configure Apple Mail app for Previous Versions of OS X.

Configuring an Existing Account

  1. To use Office 365 with Mail, you will need to remove and re-add your existing account.
  2. Launch the Mail app by clicking on the email icon in your dock.
  3. Click the Mail menu and select Preferences... .
  4. Click Accounts and highlight the account you want to remove.
  5. Click the - (minus) sign.
  6. When asked, click Remove or OK, and then close the Mail preferences window.
  7. Follow the instructions for adding an account below.

Adding an Account

  1. Launch the Mail app by clicking on the email icon in your dock.
  2. Add a mail account:
    • If you haven't added an account yet, you'll be asked to add one. Click Exchange and then click Continue.
    • Otherwise, go to the Mail menu and click Add Account > Exchange and then click Continue.
  3. Enter your Office 365 username and password and click Sign In:
    • Full Name: the name you want displayed on outgoing email
    • Email Address:
      • This is your Office 365 username, which is your SacLink
      • Do not use your email alias.
      • If you've forgotten or do not know your Office 365 username, you can find it by going to Your Office 365 Status.
    • Password: your SacLink account password
  4. Select the apps you want to use with this account and then click Done.


For assistance with configuring your Apple Mail app for use with Office 365, contact the Service Desk at 916-278-7337 or submit an incident ticket.

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