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Office 365: Outlook keeps asking for my account credentials

If Outlook is continuing to ask for your credentials after a password change or email upgrade, you may need to clear your Windows Credential Manager.


Outlook is continuing to ask you for your credentials after a password update or email upgrade. You will be asked to enter this information for each and every time you log in, even though you've already selected Remember my credentials.


If you've recently changed your password or have been moved to Office 365, it's possible that Outlook is not updating your login information.

Clearing Microsoft Outlook Credentials

  1. Close Outlook if you have currently have it opened.
  2. Press the Windows key (generally between the CTRL and ALT keys).
  3. Type in Credential Manager, then click the icon for it in the search results.
  4. In Windows Credentials and Generic Credentials section, remove any saved credentials that reference Office 365 or Microsoft Outlook email addresses:
    1. Click the details icon (a downward arrow).
    2. Click Remove.
    3. Click Yes in the warning box.
    4. Repeat these steps until you remove all credentials associated with your email address.
  5. Close the Windows Credential Manager window.

Logging Back into Outlook

  1. When prompted, re-enter your Office 365 username (your SacLink and password.
  2. Check Remember my credentials.
  3. Do the same for any additional or secondary accounts that you have added to Outlook.
    • Note: Do not use your email alias. You must use your actual Office 365 username.

Additional Help

If you require assistance with removing your credentials, contact the Service Desk at 916-278-7337 or submit an incident ticket.

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