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eduroam Wi-Fi network

In Fall 2017, SacLinkSecure will be replaced by eduroam as the official Sac State Wi-Fi connection.
  1. Why are we switching to eduroam?
  2. When can I connect to eduroam?
  3. When will SacLinkSecure go away?
  4. Get connected with eduroam

Why are we switching to eduroam?

eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. Several other CSU's and UC's are already part of the eduroam network for its flexibility, ease of use, and security. Moving to eduroam gives you all the functionality of SacLinkSecure plus the ability to automatically connect at other participating eduroam sites. In addition, replacing SacLinkSecure means fewer Wi-Fi networks, which helps optimize our airspace and maximize user experience.

When can I connect to eduroam?

While SacLinkSecure will be available through December of 2017, there is no need to wait - you can connect now!

When will SacLinkSecure go away?

SacLinkSecure will be shutdown on Monday, Dec 18th 2017

Get connected with eduroam

After a one-time configuration of your devices, you'll automatically have Wi-Fi access here on campus and when you travel to other eduroam hotspots without data or roaming charges.

eduroam automated setup
Connect your PC/Mac to eduroam
Connect your Mobile Device to eduroam

Still need help? Contact the IRT Service Desk at 916.278.7337 or

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