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Information Resources and Technology


University departments or colleges supported by IRT Desktop Services

IRT Desktop Services serves the following departments or college within the university.

Many university departments or colleges have dedicated IT staff who provide specialized support for department specific tools, systems, or applications. Departments or colleges that do not have dedicated IT staff or are in need of general assistance are supported by IRT Desktop Services. This includes the following*

Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC)

  • IRT
  • Honors Program
  • Hi-Tech Center

Alumni Center

  • (All)

Athletic Center

  • Ticket Office

Eureka, Brighton, Alpine, and Benicia Hall

  • College of Education (COE)
    • Programs
    • Summer Session
    • Open University
    • English Language & International
    • Business Solutions* Conferences & Training

Del Norte Hall

  • HR
  • Payroll

Facilities Management

  • (All)

Folsom Hall

  • University Transportation & Parking services (UTAPS)

Yosemite Hall

  • ROTC

Lassen Hall

  • Financial Services


  • Laptop Checkout
  • Community Engagement
  • International Programs & Global Engagement
  • College and Career Readiness

Modoc Hall

  • Accounts Payable
  • Procurement
  • Call Center

Non-Destructive Lab

  • Environment Health & Safety

Police Department / Police Department

  • (All)

Renaissance Society

  • Adams Building

River Front Center

  • Office of Graduate Studies
  • Risk Management

Sacramento Hall

  • Administration

University Bookstore

  • Office 3400
  • Office 1009

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