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Windows 10 Feature Upgrades

Twice a year, Microsoft releases "Feature Upgrades" to Windows 10. Each Windows 10 upgrade is supported for 18 months, after which Microsoft no longer releases security updates for that version. When required, these upgrades will be made available for you to install. Here are instructions to install the latest supported version to ensure your system is current.

This article outlines the installation process for one of these Feature Upgrades.

NOTE: These Windows 10 Feature Upgrades are large and can take over 30 minutes or more to install, depending on the speed of the computer. Please plan the installation of the upgrade accordingly. It is recommended to start the installation when you are ready to leave for the day.

  1. Update Availability Notification
  2. Install / Schedule update immediately
  3. Install Update at a later time
  4. Installation in progress

Update Availability Notification

When the update is first deployed to your computer, you'll receive the following pop up and corresponding icon:

Updates Required pop up

Install / Schedule update immediately

If you click the pop up or right-click the icon and select "View Required Software", you'll see the following window where you can start the install or delay it:

View Required Software system tray icon

Install or Schedule update installation prompt

Install Update at a later time

Alternatively, you can click on the Start Menu, search for "Software Center", and run that to view and install the available update, listed under the "Updates" section at the left:

Search for Software Center in Start Menu

Software Center Updates section

Select the "Feature update to Windows 10...." entry to either install it or schedule the install:

Feature Update details page

You will receive the following prompt indicating that the upgrade will take some time and several restarts:

Confirm Installation dialog box

If your computer hasn't already pre-downloaded the installation files, it will do so at this point and then prompt you to restart when it is ready to begin the installation:

Update download progress window

Restart Required pop up window

Confirming Restart dialog box

Installation in progress

At this stage, the update is installing and, depending on the speed of your computer, make take some time to complete:

Update installation progress

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