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CMS Upgrade & Split FAQ

What you need to know about the scheduled Chancellor's Office upgrade and downtime for our CMS campus systems.
Information Audience 
All campus community members
April 12 at 5PM - April 16 at 5PM, 2018

What is the CMS upgrade?

To better serve faculty, staff and students, the Chancellor's Office is implementing a scheduled upgrade as part of a major CSU system-wide project to split our current CMS HR/SA system into two: Human Resources and Campus Solutions (SA). This important work will enhance system performance, and help position campus for future upgrades, but it also requires extended time to implement.

What systems are involved/will be unavailable during the upgrade?

  • My Sac State: Student Center, Faculty Center, and Employee Center
  • CMS Human Resources
  • CMS Student Administration
  • Smart Planner and the KEYS to Degree Tools (Academic Requirements Report, Sac State Scheduler, Financial Aid Meter, etc.)

What about Canvas/Blackboard (SacCT) – will they be available?

Yes, Canvas and Blackboard (SacCT) are not part of this upgrade, and campus will be able to access these programs without interruption.

I have Housing fees due on Sunday, April 15th. How can I pay them on time?

The Housing department does not assess late fees and they will not be assigning any holds to students for non-payment again until Wednesday, 4/18. You can pay the Housing fee in person at the Bursar's Office or wait until the system is available again to pay the fees online. As long as fees are paid by Wednesday, April 18th, there should be no repercussion. Please contact Housing & Residential Life for further information:

How long will the systems be down/unavailable?

The upgrade window begins at 5pm on Thursday, April 12, and all systems are scheduled to be back online Monday, April 16 by 5pm. Please plan to retrieve any information needed during the downtime by 5pm on April 12.

What happens if I accidentally try to login during the upgrade?

During the upgrade, all user accounts will be locked to ensure a smooth transition. If you do click one of the links involved, you will receive an error notice, and will be unable to access the system. To make it easier to understand which systems on My Sac State are impacted, we've included a message in red next to each indicating that the service will be back online on Monday, April 16 by 5pm.

After the upgrade, will I still use the same login information for both systems?

Yes, you'll continue to log into My Sac State to access these systems using your SacLink credentials.

After the upgrade, what changes will we notice in My Sac State?

  • The single CMS HR/SA link will now be two: 1) CMS Campus Solutions (SA), and 2) CMS HR. Which link(s) you see will depend upon your university role, and the type of access that you have.
  • The Visitor Parking module will now be found in CMS Campus Solutions (SA). The stand-alone link to Visitor Parking in My Sac State will also be available, but it will point to CMS Campus Solutions (SA).
  • DART or the "Delegation of Authority and Reports To" will now be found in the CMS Campus Solutions (SA) system.

Will my bookmarks and shortcuts be the same after the upgrade?

After the upgrade, your existing internet browser bookmarks or shortcuts will no longer work for these systems. Please bookmark/shortcut the new links, or login directly through My Sac State.

Will my CMS Favorites be intact after the upgrade?

Any favorites you established in the CMS HR/SA system will remain intact after the upgrade, but will be split out to match the functionality on each side. Favorites related to student data will be visible on CMS Campus Solutions (SA), and favorites related to human resources functionality will be available on CMS HR.

Please note: If you have favorites saved for pages that no longer exist in the CMS Campus Solutions (SA) or CMS HR database after the upgrade, you will receive an error, and they will no longer work.

Will the menu/navigation change?

The menu items and navigation paths will remain the same, but be distributed between the CMS Campus Solutions (SA) and CMS HR systems. There will be only a slight update to the "look" of the pages.

Will I be able to have the CMS Campus Solutions (SA) and HR systems open simultaneously?

Yes, you should be able to have them open at the same time. If you encounter any difficulties, we recommend that you clear your cache/cookies, or use two different browsers to log into them separately for the best user experience.

Questions or concerns?

Please contact the IRT Service Desk Team at 916.278.7337 or during the following hours.

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